Very High Bond Acrylic Foam Tapes

We offer a complete range of Very High Bond Acrylic Foam Tapes specifically designed to replace conventional mechanical fixing methods such as welding or riveting. The traditional 3M VHBTM range of products are currently used extensively throughout many industrial sectors, with a new generation of products now available to solve the challenges of temperature resistance and multi-material bonding. 3M VHBTM GPH series adheres instantly with high initial tack and excellent conformability to substrates such as metal, glass, rigid PVC, ABS and polycarbonate. High short term temperature resistance also allows these product to be used in powder coating or liquid painting applications.

We stock the material as ‘Master Logs’ enabling us to offer standard or bespoke sized widths or convert to more appropriate formats such as specific shapes or pads. See our capability section.

Product Benefits Include:

- Strong and durable bonds
- No drilling or welding, therefore no expensive machinery to purchase.
- No grinding or finishing of the bond. Lowering labour costs
- Vibration damping
- Enhanced aesthetics leading to increased design possibilities
- UV and chemical resistant

Please use our Product Finder to help select the right product for your application.