Automated Handling Equipment


Many adhesive projects also require specialist automated equipment to apply the adhesive to the finished product or substrate.  The benefits over manual application may include:  

  • Ease of application of hard-to-handle adhesive components
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability of placing adhesive parts
  • Improved aesthetics for protection film applications
  • Increased speed of application and improved quality, reducing scrap rates and therefore helping to lower overall product costs.   

We work with several specialist companies who offer the following services (and can either act as the facilitator to project manage the complete solution or recommend a supplier for you to deal with directly):  

  • Spray systems for applying wet adhesives
  • Laminating equipment for automating the application of protection films to finished products
  • Laminating equipment for applying adhesive products to non adhesive surfaces
  • Pick-and-place systems to accurately place a pad or a customised shape of adhesive.