Our Accreditations


To maintain our impeccable standards and for your peace of mind, we are accredited to ISO 9001 2008, certified by the British Standards Institute. You can download our certificate  here.

We’re also an Underwriters Laboratory-approved company for the slitting and conversion of 3M electrical tapes (UL File Number E17385).

Support for our automotive customers
ISO/TS 16949 is the recognised quality management standard for the automotive industry. To support our TS-approved customers we are able to supply PPAP level 3 documentation – please just ask

Clean room facilities
Our new clean room facility is in the process of being completed to ISO 14001 standard.

ISO 14001 is a classification of air cleanliness in clean rooms and associated controlled environments. The cleanliness of air is measured by the number of airborne particles per cubic metre at a specified particle size. Our clean room is class 10,000 meaning that particles are limited to 10,000 per cubic metre.

Genfab: supporting the whole supply chain
Supply chain management is the overseeing of the movement and storage of materials (plus relevant information, data and finances) as they move through a process from initial production to the point of consumption. Strong supply chain management ensures this process is smooth, coordinated and integrated at all times.

We consider our skill in supply chain management to be one of Genfab’s greatest assets. We have years of experience and insight in ensuring material supplies (either as converted or unconverted products) meet demand where and when they’re needed – even when timing is awkward or supply levels uncertain.

We see our role as the ‘interface’ between our customers and our supply partners, and we use our own inventories to buffer fluctuations in demand and supply – thus mitigating costs and risks for our customers.

Our roles in supporting the supply chain include:

  • Ensuring that our inventory range and stock availability allow us, wherever possible, to offer a next-day service
  • Working to agreed forecasts and unconfirmed schedules from a customer’s MRP (materials requirement planning) or production control system to further plan our own inventory levels, ensuring we can deliver directly to production lines or stores on a JIT (just in time) basis
  • Providing consignment stock programs, with stock held on a customer’s premises to an agreed replenishment and invoicing schedule
  • Utilising our in-depth knowledge of our manufacturing supply partners’ production schedules and inventory practices to tailor our own stock levels. (For example, we might hold increased levels of stock to buffer long lead times, or to cover European shutdown periods.)
  • Offering a same-day delivery service using our own transport to support our Midlands-based customers, and a 24-hour or timed service for nationwide customers.