Laminating Services


Our laminating machines allow us to join multiple, dissimilar materials together to create a new customised product. Maybe we’ll need to apply adhesive backing onto non-adhesive substrates, for example, creating a conductive automotive busbar from conductive transfer tape and copper foil. Or perhaps we need to use a double-sided adhesive to create a sandwich of materials.

We can also apply different adhesive solutions to our hook-and-loop-fastening product ranges – again, creating a specific product. This could help to alleviate any bonding issues with the standard manufacturer’s applied adhesive.

The laminated product can then be further processed as required: it may be slit to specific roll sizes, cut into sheets or die cut to specific shapes. We can prime difficult-to-bond materials as part of this process prior to applying an adhesive backing, or selectively apply adhesive in zones within the product.