Padding Guillotine and Sheeting


We have four high-speed, roll-fed guillotine machines, allowing us to create sheets or pads from squares measuring from 5mm, for example, up to 1m x 2m.  The machines are roll fed with adhesive materials initially being laminated to an oversized release liner and then cut to size. To ensure the release liner is easy to remove this can be underscored or split and overlapped. We can also remove a manufacturer’s original liner at this stage to provide a product which has a Fingerlift or overlapping top liner.

The machines are excellent for producing bespoke products – for example, laminating a double-sided adhesive tape onto a non-adhesive substrate.  We can also apply strips or zones of adhesive onto materials if required.

Punched location holes may also be provided, which may assist in the application of the finished product.

Again, liner selection and formatting is crucial for a successful sheeting or cut-to-length product format – and we will always discuss the environmental and application requirements of the project in detail with you.  We will also talk about your packaging requirements at this stage.