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Double Sided Thermally Conductive Tape

Double Sided Thermally Conductive Tape

SKU: TC5320

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Nitto Denko thermally conductive adhesive tape provides excellent thermal conductive properties using a thermal conductive adhesive layer.
It is ideal for applications where thermal conductivity is important such as in electronics or automotive environments such as:

- bonding a CPU to a heat sink or fan
- bonding LEDs to a car chassis
- bonding semiconductors to heat sinks
- bonding electronic components to heat radiation sheets

It's an excellent alternative to 3M 8940, which has now been discontinued by Genfab.
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Double sided thermal transfer acrylic adhesive tape. Used for automotive applications and those requiring good thermal transfer. Alternative to 3M 8940. Application advice - Ensure the area for bonding is clean of oil moisture and dirt. An isopropyl alcohol based solvent may be used to clean the area. - The tape will adhere most effectively to a smooth flat surface so level off the surfaces, if possible. - Use a roller press when applying the adhesive tape as it employs a pressure sensitive adhesive and so requires pressure to achieve an effective bond. - Avoid using the newly bonded substrates for several hours to allow to adhesive to set fully.

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