Nitto Belgium is the largest production site of the Nitto Group in the EMEA region and manufactures sealing materials, reinforcing and damping materials and various kinds of industrial adhesive tapes such as double-sided tapes, surface protection tapes and electrical insulation tapes. These products are used in worldwide markets such as automotive, electronics, furniture, paper production, aerospace and metal processing. Our stocked Nitto range includes a wide selection of Surface Protection Tapes, Double Coated Adhesive Tapes and Sealing products.


SKU Brand Product Type Product Description Price From Availability
TC5320Nitto Denko thermally conductive adhesive tape provides excellent thermal conductive properties using a thermal conductive adhesive layer. ...Next Day
NWA500Tissue TapeMulti-purpose tape designed for bonding nameplates, metal sheets, plastic plates, foam materials and molds, mainly used in electrical applia ...2-3 days
NWA5000NSTissue TapeDesigned for bonding cushioning and sealing materials in office automation equipments and home appliances. The tape is an ideal solution whe ...2 - 3 Days
TRA5025TTransfer TapeExcellent general mounting tape. High adhesion on rough low surface energy substrates or fabrics. Widely used for nameplate mounting ...Next Day
SPT5059A7Surface Protection Tape High adhesion level tape for very smooth and shiny substrates. Zipper adhesive with an easy peel removability. ...7-14 days
TIA5015ETissue TapeHigh repulsion resistance, wide range of working temperatures, high adhesion on difficult to adhere materials e.g. low surface energy. Used ...2-3 days
SPTDFPSurface Protection Tape High grade PE Film with an airbubble free adhesive which avoids risks for imprints on sensitive high gloss decorative substrates during mech ...7-14 days
SPT7568Surface Protection Tape LENSGUARD Crystal clear tape for clear plastics (such as PMMA, PC and acrylic). Produced under clean room conditions. ...7-14 days
SPT5058A5Surface Protection Tape Medium adhesion level tape for very smooth and shiny substrates. Zipper adhesive with an easy peel removability. ...7-14 days
SPT4222ESurface Protection Tape Anti-slip properties, high adhesion level, universal use on rough substrates ...7-14 days
SPT4088HSurface Protection Tape High adhesion level tape for rough surfaces and laquered materials with low gloss levels. ...7-14 days
SPT4088RSurface Protection Tape Surface protection film suitable to protect lacquered plates,glass,plastics and decorative laminates during mechanical processes, storage an ...5-7 days
SPT3103HSurface Protection Tape General purpose tape with medium adhesive level for increased mechanical protection. ...5-7 days
SPT307LA5Surface Protection Tape General Purpose tape with Blue extruded lines and medium adhesion levels, 1000,.1250, 1500mm roll widths. ...5-7 days
SPT5057DD7Surface Protection Tape Easy peel adhesive with very good deformation behaviour on stainless steel. ...5-7 days
SPT5057A5Surface Protection Tape Surface protection film with "easy-peel" removability. Protects lacquered plates, plastics, glass, laminates and reflective aluminium. ...5-7 days