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Spray Can Adhesives

A range of spray can adhesives for general bonding as well as more specific applications involving polypropylene, vinyl (where good plasticiser migration resistance is required), leather and foam. There is also an adhesive which allows materials to be repositioned with no adhesive transfer for temporary fixing of lightweight materials as well as adhering templates to plastics during cutting processes.

Our Mitre Mate spray can and activator adhesive provides a quick no-mess method for bonding mitre joints in many materials. Used on cornice and profile mitres, picture framing and general wood working applications.

- Wide Range of uses
- Controlled Targeted application
- CFC & Methylene Chloride Free
- Portable
- Easy Clean Up

REF. Brand Base Colour(s) Min Service Temp °C Max Service Temp °C Minimum Work Life (mins) Cartridge Sizes (ml) Price From Availability
2775 3M from £12.22 2 - 3 Days
2774 3M from £10.93 2 - 3 Days
2777 3M from £12.25 2 - 3 Days
2780 3M from £14.99 2 - 3 Days
2790 3M from £11.19 2 - 3 Days
2776 3M from £12.32 2 - 3 Days