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Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes

Filament Tapes

Adhesive backed bundling, banding and strapping tapes. High tensile strengths with polypropylene backings reinforced with either mono or crossweave glass fibre strands. A low tack adhesive variant is also available.

REF. Brand Product Type Carrier Product Description Adhesive Tape Thickness Roll Length (m) Datasheet From Availability
898NR Mono FilamentMono Filament 3M Scotchpar High Performance Transparent p... Rubber 0.15mm 50 - from £10.53 2 - 3 Days
CWF10 Cross Weave FialmentCross Weave Fialment Polypropylene Bi-orientated Polypropylene Ta... Rubber 0.112mm 50 - from £0.85 2 - 3 Days
MWF08 Mono FilamentMono Filament Polypropylene Polypropylene tape with longit... Rubber 0.105mm 50 - from £0.71 2 - 3 Days