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Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes

Polyester Tapes

For use as layer insulation and capacitor wrap. Available with either rubber thermosetting or acrylic adhesive systems. Also available in a range of product thicknesses to offer the required dielectric breakdown strengths. Used extensively throughout the Transfomer and Coil Winding Industry .

REF. Brand Carrier Product Description Colour(s) Adhesive Tape Thickness Roll Length (m) Min Service Temp °C Max Service Temp °C Datasheet From Availability
3M56 Polyester Premium Product for Layer Insu... Yellow Rubber Thermosetting 0.058mm 66 130 - from £21.24 2 - 3 Days
GFB11 Polyester Coil Transformer manufacturing... Yellow Rubber Thermosetting 0.06mm 66 130 - from £2.27 2 - 3 Days
GFB10 Polyester Used for a wide variety of ele... Yellow Solvent Acrylic 0.06mm 66 130 - from £2.65 2 - 3 Days