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Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes

Thermally Conductive

Thermally conductive tapes are widely used throughout the Electronics Industry for bonding Heat Sinks and other cooling devices to heat generating components . The adhesive creates an efficient thermal path between the two components to allow heat dissipation.

REF. Brand Carrier Product Description Colour(s) Adhesive Tape Thickness Roll Length (m) Min Service Temp °C Max Service Temp °C Datasheet From Availability
TC8940 Filled Copolymer Double sided thermally conduci... Beige Modified Acrylic 0.19mm 10 -40 150 - from £0.00 2 - 3 Days
TC5320 Polyester Double sided thermal transfer ... Beige Acrylic 0.2 10 -40 150 -
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