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Advance Tapes are an International  UK  manufacturer based in Leicester  supplying worldwide markets with PVC Electrical and Non Electrical, Waterproof Cloth, Gaffa, Foil and Double sided adhesive based products.  We are pleased to offer the Advance range of products as an authorised Distributor

REF.BrandProduct DescriptionDatasheetFromAvailability
PVCAT7Flame retardant and self extin...-
From £0.86
2 - 3 Days
AT500Flame retardant and Self Extin...-
3-5 Days
LMT70High Adhesion levels to even r...-
From £1.13
2 - 3 Days
AT169Gloss finish, easy tear and un...-
From £3.40
2 - 3 Days
AT180High Specification Gloss finis...-
7 Days
AT293Polythene extruded cloth tape ...-
7 Days