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Transfer Tapes :

Transfer tapes consist of pure acrylic adhesive extruded onto a silicone release liner. The products are a quick and precise method for joining lightweight materials, component fixing, trim bonding, temporary holding and positioning. The products can offer an invisible adhesive line once applied. Please see our gun applied transfer tape section if you require an easy way of applying adhesive transfer Tapes.

REF.BrandProduct DescriptionTape ThicknessRoll Length (m)Min Service Temp °CMax Service Temp °CDatasheetFromAvailability
TRA9473VHB 9473 is ideal for use in m...0.25mm55260-
From £26.27
Next Day
TRA9485A firm acrylic pressure-sensit...0.13mm55150-
Next Day
TRA468High temperature, solvent and ...0.127mm165204-
From £438.11
Next Day
TRA950With good UV resistance and ge...0.127mm55120-
From £16.58
Next Day
TRA467High temperature, solvent and ...0.051mm110204-
From £224.66
Next Day
TRA9482A high performance very firm p...0.05mm55150-
From £8.47
Next Day
TRC9703A pressure sensitive adhesive ...0.050mm10085-
From £253.09
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