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Thin Bonding Tapes :

Our double coated carriered range of products is one of the most extensive available in the industry, sourced from a variety of leading tape manufacturers. We have a solution for almost every conceivable application including:

- Bonding Low surface energy plastics e.g. Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Siliconised rubber
- Heavily plasticised vinyl's such as P.V.C
- High temperature bonding applications
- Electrical conductive transfers for bonding flexible circuit boards
- Thermally conductive transfers for bonding heat sinks to processors

Applications include pre-fixing, laminating, slicing, bonding, positioning, attaching and plate mounting.

The product range can be die cut to shapes, cut to specific length or formatted into pads. See our capability section.

Please use our Product Finder to help select the right product for your application

REF.BrandProduct TypeProduct DescriptionFromAvailability
TRA9473Transfer TapeVHB 9473 is ideal for use in m...
From £27.32
Next Day
TRA9485Transfer TapeMetal Splicing, bonding qualit...
Next Day
TRA468Transfer TapeHigh temperature, solvent and ...
From £455.63
Next Day
TRA950Transfer TapeVery high initial adhesion and...
From £17.25
Next Day
TRA467Transfer TapeHigh temperature, solvent and ...
From £233.65
Next Day
TRA9482Transfer TapeHigh performance , Excellent s...
From £8.81
Next Day
TRC9703Transfer, Electrically Conductive tapeZ Axis Electrically Conductive...
From £263.21
Next Day
TIA9086Tissue TapeWood,metals,glass, powder coat...
From £5.30
2 - 3 Days
FPA9088Polyester Carrier Tape wood,metals,glass, powder coat...
From £8.58
2 - 3 Days
PPA9415Polyester Carrier Tape Filmic carrier coated with one...
2 - 3 Days
PSA9731Polyester Carrier Tape 205 Deg Max. For bonding silic...
2 - 3 Days
TC8940Thermally Conductive TapeFor Bonding heat sinks , therm...
From £20.11
2 - 3 Days
BF583Heat activated Bonding FilmHeat or solvent activated Bond...
From £73.67
2 - 3 Days
ATTG926Transfer Tape 19mm roll width, use with ATG ...
From £18.01
2 - 3 Days
ATTG969Transfer Tape 12mm roll width use with ATG ...
From £9.28
2 - 3 Days
ATTG924Transfer Tape 19mm roll width, use with ATG ...
2 - 3 Days
ATTG904Transfer Tape 12mm roll width, use with ATG ...
From £2.12
2 - 3 Days
ATTG928Transfer Tape , removable12mm roll width , use with ATG...
3-5 Days
23ATG700Tape DispenserTo dispense the 3M
2 - 3 Days