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3M Scotch Weld Polyurethane System :

A hand held Scotch-Weld™ II applicator and moisture curing urethane adhesives which combine the speed and ease of assembly of hot melt adhesives, with the bond performance usually associated with 2-part structural adhesives. Bonds wood, glass and selected plastics, rubber and plasticised vinyls.

Benefits include: fast initial set and handling strength after only a few seconds, to eliminate or reduce the necessity for fixtures and clamps (however longer open time products are available if re-alignment is required). One component therefore no metering required, simplifying production. Almost invisible structural strength bond lines mean minimal clean up if any.

REF.BrandProduct DescriptionSet TimeBonding Range (mins)DatasheetFromAvailability
27TE200A low viscosity polyurethane r...24-
From £28.95
2 - 3 Days
27TS230For bonding wide variety of pl...2.54-
From £28.95
2 - 3 Days
27TE030A fast setting polyurethane re...0.51-
From £18.12
2 - 3 Days
27TE31A polyurethane reactive adhesi...0.52-
From £28.03
2 - 3 Days
Jwapp240 Volt Cartridge applicator ...-
3-5 Days