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Tapes with Other Carriers :

A range of products with carrier options which may be selected to suit an individual application. Consideration should be given to a number of factors when choosing the correct product. For example should the tape be hand tear able, puncture resistant or will it be subject to extremes of temperature. Is the substrate difficult to bond to or subject to UV light. We can help you find the right product or use our product finder to help you decide.

REF.BrandCarrierProduct DescriptionColour(s)AdhesiveTape ThicknessRoll Length (m)Service Temp °CDatasheetFromAvailability
FPA9088Polyesterwood,metals,glass, powder coat...ClearModified Acrylic0.205mm500 - 93-
From £8.25
2 - 3 Days
PPA9415PolyesterFilmic carrier coated with one...ClearAcrylic0.08mm660 - 50-
2 - 3 Days
PSA9731Polyester205 Deg Max. For bonding silic...ClearSilicone/Acrylic0.14mm330 - 150-
2 - 3 Days
TC8940Filled CopolymerDouble sided thermally conduci...BeigeModified Acrylic0.19mm10-40 - 150-
2 - 3 Days