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Dispenser Applied Transfer Tapes :

Transfer tapes consist of pure acrylic adhesive extruded onto a silicone release liner. The products are a quick and precise method for joining lightweight materials, component fixing, trim bonding, temporary holding and positioning. The products can offer an invisible adhesive line once applied. Requires the use of a specific ATGTM tape dispenser gun allowing quick accurate and mess free bonding.

REF.BrandCarrierProduct DescriptionColour(s)AdhesiveTape ThicknessRoll Length (m)Service Temp °CDatasheetFromAvailability
ATTG926Transfer19mm roll width, use with ATG ...acrylic0.13mm330 - 150-
From £17.32
2 - 3 Days
ATTG969Transfer12mm roll width use with ATG d...acrylic0.13mm330 - 80-
From £8.92
2 - 3 Days
ATTG924Transfer19mm roll width, use with ATG ...acrylic0.05mm550 - 80-
3-5 Days
ATTG904Transfer12mm roll width, use with ATG ...acrylic0.05mm440 - 120-
From £2.04
2 - 3 Days
ATTG928Transfer12mm roll width , use with ATG...acrylic0.05mm330 - 50-
3-5 Days