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Contact Adhesives :

We offer  either Solvent Based or Water Based Contact Adhesives

Solvent Based
Liquid air drying adhesives, which bond quickly and permanently on contact pressure. There is no requirement for clamping or using fixtures.  For Bonding  wood, high pressure laminates, rubbers and metals.

Water Based
The family of water dispersed adhesives offers an excellent alternative to solvent based adhesives, without compromising performance.

Important in today's highly regulated production environments, every product is non-flammable in the wet state and has a low or no VOC content. As well as the clear health and safety advantages, the expense and problems often associated with container storage and disposal are also drastically reduced.

The products may be applied with a spray,roller or brush and can be used to adhere most materials including, polyethylene and polypropylene, expanded polystyrene, high pressure laminates and insulation (glass and rock wool)

REF.BrandProduct TypeBaseProduct DescriptionColour(s)Min Service Temp °CMax Service Temp °CBonding Range (mins)DatasheetFromAvailability
27SG10Solvent Based Contact AdhesiveNeopreneGeneral Purpose High bond stre...Yellow10045 to 60-
From £13.40
2 - 3 Days
27SG1099Solvent Based Contact AdhesiveNitrile RubberFast Drying adhesive, with goo...Light Tan10 to 50-
From £18.00
2 - 3 Days
27SG1300LSolvent Based Contact AdhesiveRubberHigh temperature strength per...Yellow/Amber149to 8-
From £29.17
2 - 3 Days
27SG847Solvent Based Contact AdhesiveRubberHigh strength fast setting, re...Dark Brown3 to 50-
From £18.35
2 - 3 Days
27IA34Solvent Based Contact AdhesiveRubberFor bonding low density insula...Clear10 to 120-
3-5 Days
27FB30Water Based Contact AdhesivePolychloropreneGood heat resistance, Post For...Clear, Green11030-
From £19.24
2 - 3 Days
27FB40Water Based Contact AdhesivePolychloropreneExcellent clarity, Fabric back...Clear11030 to 240-
3-5 Days
27FB2000Water Based Contact AdhesivePolychloropreneA two component system . Bonds...Neutral, Blue1105 to 15 seconds-
From £274.94
2 - 3 Days
270130Water Based Contact AdhesivePolychloropreneGood heat resistance, Post For...Clear, Green11030-
From £20.30
2 - 3 Days